Our Story

Yeminici   [yem-eh-ni-chi]

    1. Artisanal, hand-crafted shoe maker. 
    2. Hand craftsmen.
    3. A Desert nomad. A Poet. A sea of earth. The origin of human travel. Our roots. An ancient embrace. An adventurer. A band of brothers and sisters. A hunter gatherer. A life on foot. A natural element. The journey.


         Northern Turkey, in a province known as Nevsehir.


    Several years ago while roaming the streets of Turkey, we came across a hand-crafted shoe maker. We spoke for hours over a cup of tea, learning the vast history and art of a Yeminici and the desert shoes of his families lineage. Once they adorned our feet and made their way through the desert nights of the Sahara, cobble stone alley ways of Spain, and bustling streets of Morocco, our hearts were sealed.  The stories of the people and those adventures are lying within the soul of our shoes. In Yeminici, we share with you the culture of nomads, warriors, poets, and gypsies.  Every aspect from the tanneries that dye our leather to the hand craftsmenship and tools used, follow a tradition that dates back centuries. Yeminici shoes are the first chapter in the story of artisanal craftsmanship from the ancient world to the modern.